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Apr 12, 2018

portraits // kristina

Portraits at home with my dear friend Kristina and her 3 children. These four are so so special!





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artist // love taylor elise

A few portraits and photos at work of handpoke tattoo artist Taylor Elise Compton, at her studio in Joshua Tree.


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sakura bloom // spring look book

Spring Look book for Sakura Bloom with Gunn Swain, Mimi & Red, and Brixton Hats. 35mm film! <3




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Aug 30, 2017

kauai // poppies

Just a couple of recent (ish) frames from my Hasselblad that look KILLER on paper. They aren't on Eventide Collective yet, but you can order them by dropping me a line!


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henry sparrow // 5th

Ok so the truth is these photos are almost a year and a half old- from Henry's 5th birthday. (Look how psyched he was!) But they have just been haning out waiting for a place to be shared, so viola! It was the best day, with a mystical treasure hunt theme. The kids discovered a series of clues that led to a map (a most amazing map painted by my incredibly talented friend Annie, thank you Annie!) to find the treasure. (Organic cotton candy- cotton candy because Henry requested it and organic because I am crazy like that and didn't want to feed all the kids corn syrup.)
Look at how little Townes was! And thank you to Jane for grabbing my camera and taking some photos when I was being present. The best!


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peace print // general store

After the devistating results of the 2016 election, I was fortunate enough to have these amazing 35 women answer my call for help and meet me one early and chilly morning to come together to make this image. It has since sold over 500 copies, and the profits from every last sale has been donated to the ACLU. You can find them currently for sale on Eventide Collective and at the General Store

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Aug 29, 2017

mama and babes // farra

Thank you so much Farra for having me into your home! We took photos of mama Farra and baby Juni with baby Tutu on the inside, and again when she was on the out. :) Get to the last photo, it is my very favorite! And click over to 100 layer cake to see more. :)


an intro // kauai

1) because this most epic family portrait ever (camera on a picnic table, timer, post beach swim, probably no bra, one son naked the other in undies) needs a home here. and

2) i realize you don't all know me, so here is a little tiny intro. i am jamie (the one sitting down near the base of the tree) and i am married to ben (the cutie holding the baldie to the left,) and mama to townes (the baldie, who is 1 in this photo, but at time of posting 2) and Henry Sparrow, the wild child up in the tree. (5 when we took the photo, now a big old 6 year old.) 

You can expect me to post lots of photos of my family, expirements in film, some favorite sessions, a little bit of news, and anything else I am exicted about sharing, photography related! <3

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Sparrow // 6 years

 Just a 6 year old planting a special plant on his birthday. I like to get out my favorite camera (Hasselblad) for birthdays and make portraits. This was about all I could get him to sit for. Happy 6th birthday, Sparrow Bird. 

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townes // 2nd birthday

A few photos from a roll of film that I shot (on my very first camera, a minolta 35mm that my dad bought for my mom when I was a baby, that I recently paid more to have fix than it is worth, ha!) on father's day at the beach (not Townes' birthday this year, but he was born on father's day) and later at his birthday party on the beach. Love this little goober! (sporting his amazing village kids harem pants, by the way!)

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super bloom // anza borrego

Super bloom adventuring with two of my favorite ride or die girls. Angie because we never stop having fun taking photos together and we know what is always worth a little extra drive for (ice cream, good food) and Rachel because she is literally up for anything and brings along all of her amazing hand died creations to model for us. Love you girls!


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the vista // arcosanti

Arcosanti blew my mind. Thanks so much for having my words (and more photos), The Vista! Hop on over if you want to check it out. <3 <3 <3


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