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Aug 29, 2017

an intro // kauai

1) because this most epic family portrait ever (camera on a picnic table, timer, post beach swim, probably no bra, one son naked the other in undies) needs a home here. and

2) i realize you don't all know me, so here is a little tiny intro. i am jamie (the one sitting down near the base of the tree) and i am married to ben (the cutie holding the baldie to the left,) and mama to townes (the baldie, who is 1 in this photo, but at time of posting 2) and Henry Sparrow, the wild child up in the tree. (5 when we took the photo, now a big old 6 year old.) 

You can expect me to post lots of photos of my family, expirements in film, some favorite sessions, a little bit of news, and anything else I am exicted about sharing, photography related! <3

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